Dachshund Temperament and Personality

Having a lot of different names, dachshunds are one of the world’s most popular breeds and are quite the surprise package. Don’t be fooled by their innocent demeanor and small size. This breed is known to compete with every aggressive dog breed and can prove to be a real challenge when they are house pets. They come in 2 sizes, and 15 different colors hence are loved by many across the world. The dachshund is one such breed that packs a lot of personality into one tiny little body. They are well known to be attention-loving and energetic. They also make excellent companions for single people or empty nesters who have a lot of time on their hands to devote to their dog.

Dachshund Temperament and Personality

Dachshunds and their history

Dachshunds were originally bred in Germany many hundreds of years ago. This was mainly done with the intent to hunt badgers. And interestingly this is also where their name originates from. In the German language, ‘Dachs means badger and “hund” means hound. Physically, these dogs have strong and stout legs that allow them to dig out their prey and also fit inside burrows. Larger dogs were historically used to chase foxes and deer. To date, this breed is still used to hunt in Europe but they are now primarily pets in the United States.

Dachshund temperament traits


Dachshunds are known to be friendlier dogs as compared to other breeds. They are usually good with other family pets too although oftentimes they can be a little jealous when they are looking for attention, and they can be possessive of their toys. If you have a dachshund or are planning to adopt one, make sure you put a firm stop to the first signs of jealousy, so they don’t develop bad habits.


The dachshund’s curiosity streak is a good trait when it comes to hunting. This makes them quite resourceful and in little need of instructions. However, in a typical household, your dachshund’s temperament may tend to clash with yours because of their curiosity.


Another dachshund temperament trait, stubbornness among this breed is well known. This can prove to be frustrating when it comes to training them, especially house training.


Especially regarded as a good dachshund temperament trait, once you develop a bond with your dachshund, you will find him/her to be extremely loyal and devoted. They will want to be with you all the time. But you should set some limits so that they don’t develop separation anxiety.


The hunter present inside of a dachshund is always ready to rise, and this dachshund temperament trait can trigger explosive outbursts at the slightest hint of advances into his territory. That is why barking, traffic, doorbells, and other strange and loud noises can trigger them to bark hysterically. This makes them great guard/alarm dogs but can also get annoying. As a possible solution, you could always train your dog to respond to a quick word that will bring you auditory relief.


Another great dachshund temperament trait, they can be extremely lively and playful. They have the ability to make gameplay out of almost everything even something very ordinary.

Different dachshund behaviors:

Also known as sausage dogs, dachshunds are famous for the dynamic and versatile behaviors that ultimately make them different from other breeds.

Here are some distinct behaviors that are also guided by dachshund temperament traits listed above:

An instinct for chasing and hunting

Despite their small size, dachshunds are well known for their aggressive nature. A 2008 study suggests that this breed can be more aggressive than Rottweiler’s and pit bulls.

Moreover, dachshunds naturally have an instinct for chasing and hunting. This is justified given their primary purposes of hunting in Germany. They are also known to chase many species of wildlife.

Dachshunds love digging

Some dachshunds are known to dig more than others, but in general, they are obsessed with it. They are known to find it to be a fun activity and may even start digging in your bed. This can, however, prove to be challenging when it comes to training them.

They can dig flower beds and even try to dig through your carpeting! For this, you might have to bury your fences deeper and raise your flower beds to prevent any further destruction.

Difficulties while house training dachshunds:

Since Dachshunds are known to be curious and stubborn, they are not the easiest breed to train. They can be relatively difficult to housetrain, and accidents are likely to occur.

When it comes to obedience, they are not the highest scorers in this field. This is because they are bright and active. However, they are very intelligent as well and once dachshunds are trained, they are known to be devoted and loyal.

Dachshunds are known to have large appetites:

Despite being small pooches, dachshunds have quick energy which causes them to digest their food in a lesser amount of time.

With a big appetite, it is also important that they get regular exercise to maintain their health. Otherwise, it is known that they can become obese quickly and this may even cause them to develop problems with their backs and spine.

dachshund temperament

Are dachshunds smart?

Dachshunds are hunting dogs, this means that these hounds are very smart, courageous, and can be trained to follow numerous commands. However, this breed doesn’t seem to do very well in dog IQ tests. For this reason, dog specialists don’t consider dachshunds to be smart dogs. But anyone that has ever spend time with a dachshund will tell you that they are clever little creatures. One explanation for this discrepancy is that while dachshunds are very smart, they are also incredibly very stubborn and distrustful of strangers. A trained Dachshund will obey the commands of his o her owner, but it is not very likely that they will obey the commands of a stranger. So it seems that dachshunds are quite smart, but they don’t test well. 

Why are dachshunds so needy?

Dogs are social animals and have the instinct to bond with their pack members. For modern dogs, their pack is the humans they live with. As you already know, every pack has an alpha dog. For pet dogs, the human that feeds them and gives them attention will take the place of the alpha dog. This means that dogs will want to be close to their leader. Every dog acts this way, but some breeds like dachshunds seem to be more clingy than other dogs. dachshunds are known to follow their owners every place they go, they will even follow into the bathroom. Most owners find this behavior adorable. But if you find this problematic, this behavior can be corrected with training and loving discipline.

Is a dachshund the right breed for you?

Although dachshunds can be a handful when it comes to keeping them as house pets, they are a great breed to adopt. Apart from the negative aspects of their personality that include being sometimes stubborn and possessive, dachshunds are loyal, devoted, intelligent, and full of character as well.

In addition to this, one must consider that their elongated backs and short legs indicate that they are at a higher risk of intervertebral disc disease. According to Dachshund rescue, in Australia up to 1 in 4 dogs suffer from this at some point in their life, and hence before adopting one you must consider this. On the other hand, however, dachshunds are great family dogs and are always fun to be around.

They are known to love their owners unconditionally and are great companions. Moreover, they are also well known for teaching children to respect and be kind to others. They also make a keen watchdog and only need moderate exercise.

Dachshunds are also known to chase away badgers and other dwelling animals that may cause a nuisance. They are also good with other family pets once they get used to them and they usually live a long life as compared to other dog breeds.


All in all, it can easily be said that dachshunds are great pet dogs who will love you unconditionally and will always stay loyal to you. Their entertaining and comical side will never leave you bored as they are extremely fun to have around.

Although they can be harder to train compared to other dogs, dachshunds are great companions for single people and also make a good watchdog. So you would not have to worry about safety when you are alone.

All you will have to make sure about is that their health is always a top priority, and you spend some time training them properly so they get used to your commands. A great and entertaining breed, dachshunds are true companions, ones that will never let you be alone.

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Dachshund Temperament and Personality