Are Dachshunds Friendly?

To get a better idea of what to expect from your dachshund’s personality, it’s important to understand the breed’s traits. So, are dachshunds friendly? The answer is yes! Most dachshunds are friendly and make great pets.

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Are Dachshunds friendly dogs?

In general, dachshunds are quite friendly with humans. With other dogs, they can be a bit jealous, but generally speaking, they are also friendly with other animals.

Dachshunds are often stereotyped as being unfriendly, especially with other dogs. But this is not always the case. Many factors can affect how friendly a dachshund is with other dogs, such as genetics, training, and socialization.

In general, most dachshunds will be friendly with people and other dogs if they have been properly socialized and trained. However, there are always some exceptions to this rule, so it is important to carefully observe your dog’s behavior around others before deeming them “friendly.”

Some people might think that dachshunds are unfriendly dogs because they are so independent and have a bit of an attitude. But the truth is, dachshunds love spending time with people. They just need to get to know them first.

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Are mini Dachshunds friendly?

You might be wondering if mini dachshunds are as friendly as their full-sized counterparts. The answer is a resounding yes! miniature dachshunds have the same character and temperament as standard-sized dachshunds. This means that most miniature dachshunds are friendly and cuddly.

These little dogs are typically very sweet and loving. They make great companions and are often very attached to their owners.

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Are dachshunds friendly with other dogs?

In general, dachshunds are friendly with other dogs. However, there are some factors to consider when determining how friendly your dachshund will be with other canines. By understanding these factors, you can help to ensure that your dog has positive interactions with other dogs.

  • Territorial instinct: Some dachshunds can be very territorial and jealous and may act aggressively toward other dogs if they feel their space has been invaded.
  • Hunting Instinct: Likewise, dachshunds are hunting dogs, and some doxies still keep their hunting instincts very much in mind and can act aggressively toward other smaller animals.

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Why is my Dachshund not friendly?

If your Dachshund isn’t as friendly as you would like, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many Dachshunds are reserved with strangers, but there are things you can do to help your dog feel more comfortable and make new friends. 

Some common reasons why a Dachshund might not be as friendly as you hoped include lack of socialization, fearfulness, or territorial aggression.

Dachshunds that have not been properly socialized may become frightened and anxious when meeting strangers and behave aggressively, growling, barking, and in extreme cases attempting to bite.

But don’t worry, if your Dachshund isn’t as cuddly as you’d like, obedience training and socialization exercises can help them become more comfortable around people. We have written a post with some tips to train your dachshund that you can see here.

If you don’t feel comfortable training your dachshund. Don’t worry, this is something your vet or a dog trainer can help with. Here is a useful book for training and getting your dachshund socialized.

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Final thoughts

Dachshunds are an affectionate and friendly breed that loves to be around people and other dogs, as long as they have been socialized since they were puppies. Most dachshunds are naturally friendly, but some can be shy and wary of strangers.

However, this is something that can be corrected with training. If you’re thinking about adding a dachshund to your family, make sure you socialize them with other dogs from a young age so that they will be comfortable around new people and animals.

And don’t forget to give them lots of love, these little dogs crave attention!

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