Why Do Dachshunds Burrow Under Blankets?


As a dachshund owner, you may have noticed your furry friend burrowing under blankets quite often. Have you ever wondered why dachshunds do this?

Generally speaking, Dogs are denning animals; they like to sleep in small protected places where they feel warm and safe. On top of that, Dachshunds were bred to hunt small burrow-dwelling animals like badgers, by flushing them out from their dens.

For these reasons, Dachshunds have a strong burrowing instinct. This shows in their behavior by burrowing in blankets and pillows. They also like to curl up with other dogs. Dachshund puppies also tend to burrow in the clothes of their owners like sweater sleeves. 

The topic of why dachshunds burrow under blankets is important for dog owners to understand as it can have implications on their pet’s wellbeing. By knowing the reasons behind this behavior, you can help your furry friend feel more comfortable and secure. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this peculiar behavior and shed light on some related questions.

Dachshunds like to burrow

Why do dachshunds burrow under blankets?

Burrowing under blankets is a common behavior exhibited by dachshunds. This behavior can manifest in different ways, such as tunneling into blankets, crawling under furniture, or tucking under a pillow. Here are some possible reasons why dachshunds exhibit this behavior:

Dachshunds are natural burrowers. In the wild, Dogs would burrow to stay warm and protect themselves from predators. Burrowing under blankets might be a way for dachshunds to satisfy this instinctual behavior.

Also, The Dachshund breed was developed specifically to hunt burrowing animals like badgers and rabbits. Dachshunds were created in Germany 1800s to help hunters track badgers. The word Dachshund comes from the German words Dachs, which means dog, and Hund, which means dog.

So, all dogs have the instinct to feel safe and warm by burrowing, and dachshunds are no exception. However, dachshunds have a unique breed-specific instinct to explore burrows due to their history as underground hunters.

Possible reasons for burrowing behavior in Dachshunds:

  1. Instinctual behavior: As mentioned earlier, dachshunds have the instinct to burrow. Burrowing under blankets might be a way for them to satisfy this instinct even when they’re living indoors.
  2. Temperature regulation: Burrowing under blankets can help them regulate their body temperature and keep them warm, especially during colder months.
  3. Seeking comfort and security: Burrowing under blankets might make dachshunds feel more secure and comfortable, especially when they’re feeling anxious or scared.
  4. Habitual behavior: Dachshunds can be creatures of habit, and burrowing under blankets might be a routine that they find comforting.

In conclusion, dachshunds burrow under blankets for various reasons, including instinctual behavior, temperature regulation, seeking comfort and security, and ritualistic behavior.

Understanding this peculiar behavior can help you create a more comfortable environment for your furry friend. So if you have a dachshund of your own don’t forget to give them a blanket to burrow in!

Dachshund burrow bed

Why do dachshunds dig in blankets?

While burrowing and digging might seem like similar behaviors, they can have different motivations. Dachshunds might dig in blankets by scratching, pawing, or biting them. Here are some possible reasons why dachshunds exhibit this behavior:

Dachshunds tend to dig due to their natural canine and breed-specific instincts. Dogs, in general, have a tendency to dig due to their denning instinct and the instinct to bury bones, which they inherited from wolves.

Dachshunds, like all dogs, have the instinct to dig holes. This instinct has been further developed through their past role as badger hunters, where they needed to dig to access their prey’s dens.

It is commonly observed that dachshunds enjoy digging. However, since they are small dogs, many of them reside indoors and lack the opportunity to dig outside. As a result, some dachshunds resort to digging on top of the sofa or within their owner’s bed sheets and blankets.

Finally, if your dachshund is digging too much, it may be a sign of boredom or anxiety. Taking them for a walk outside could potentially help alleviate these behaviors. It’s important to avoid punishing your dachshund for digging, as this can make them more anxious or stressed.

Possible reasons for digging behavior in Dachshunds:

  1. Instinctual behavior: Dachshunds have an instinct to dig, which they inherited from their ancestors who used to dig for prey. Digging in blankets might be a way for dachshunds to satisfy this instinct, even if there’s no prey around.
  2. Seeking comfort and security: Like burrowing, digging might also be a way for dachshunds to seek comfort and security, especially if they’re feeling anxious or scared.
  3. Anxiety or stress: Digging can also be a sign of anxiety or stress in dachshunds. If your furry friend is digging excessively, it might be worth looking into the root cause of their anxiety.

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Give your dachshund a burrow bed

To make your dachshund comfortable while snuggling, you can try using burrow beds or cave beds. These types of beds are great for dachshunds because they imitate the feeling of being in a burrow, which can make them feel secure and cozy.

Burrow beds have a small, enclosed area where your dog can curl up and feel safe. This can be especially important for dachshunds since they often crave comfort and security.

The best burrow beds for dachshunds

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How to choose the right bed for your dachshund.

The first thing to consider when buying a bed for a dachshund is to avoid raised or high beds that force your dog to leap up and down as this may hurt his back. So look for low beds that allow your doxie to easily get in and out without jumping. It’s also important to look for a bed that is warm and cozy all year round providing a comfortable environment where your dog can burrow a get a good sleep.

It’s also important to keep your dog’s bed clean, so look for beds with machine-washable and dryable covers. This is especially important for dog beds that are placed indoors, as they can get very smelly with time. So, buying an easy-to-wash bed is a good idea.

Dachshunds are very active and playful little dogs, so choose a bed that will support your dog’s play habits. Look for beds that have comfortable cushioning, raised edges, and enough space to allow your dog to move around easily.

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In conclusion, understanding your dachshund’s behavior can help you provide them with the right environment and care. Burrowing and digging under blankets are behaviors that are common in dachshunds, and they can have various motivations.

By providing your furry friend with a cozy and secure environment, you can enhance their well-being and make them feel more comfortable in their surroundings.

If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about dachshunds, check out our other posts on the breed.

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Why Do Dachshunds Like to Burrow Under Blankets?