Standard Dachshund vs Miniature Dachshund


Standard Dachshund vs Miniature Dachshund

Dachshunds are among the most popular dog breed in America. But, they are a peculiar breed. Sausage Dogs are small dogs with odd body shapes but with huge personalities. As the American writer Henry Louis Mencken once said: “A dachshund is a half-dog high and a dog and a half long”.

Dachshunds are awesome. They’re loyal, loving, and will forever be your best friend. However, not all dachshunds are the same size or shape, which can make it difficult to find the perfect one for you. If you have a smaller home or apartment, then Miniature Dachshunds might be a better option for you than Standard Dachshunds!

Where do Miniature Dachshunds originate from

The Dachshund breed originated in Germany in the 1600s. They were bred to hunt burrowing animals like badgers. Later in the 1800s, The miniature dachshund was developed to hunt smaller animals like rabbits. This was achieved by selective breeding smaller-than-average dachshunds until the miniature dachshund variation was stabilized.

What is the difference between standard and miniature dachshunds?

The differences between standard and miniature dachshunds are well-known among enthusiasts. One of the most noticeable distinctions is size, with miniatures dachshunds being noticeably smaller than standards.

Besides their size and weight, Miniature Dachshunds differ from Standard dachshunds in other small ways. For example, Miniatures dachshunds’ skin is more elastic and pliable than Standard Dachshunds, giving miniatures a slightly wrinkled appearance.

Dachshunds come in many sizes and colors, but according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). The breed comes in two different sizes: The Standard Dachshund and The Miniature Dachshund.

What are the different sizes of dachshunds?

The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI)uses a different standard for Dachshunds based on the round measurements of their chests, being the Standard, Miniature, and Kaninchen (Rabbit) Dachshunds

The Standard Dachshund has a chest circumference of at least 35 cm. The Miniature Dachshund has a chest circumference of 30 to 35 cm. While the Kaninchen Dachshunds have chests measuring up to 30 cm around. Male Kaninchen Dachshunds weigh up to 3.5kg and females 3kg.

Standard Dachshund vs Miniature Dachshund

How big is a standard-size dachshund?

Standard dachshunds weigh between 16 and 32 pounds at 12 months of age, and their height is 8 to 9 inches ( 20-22 centimeters) at the shoulder. 

What size is a mini dachshund?

Miniature Dachshunds Their height is between 5 and 7 inches (13 to 18 centimeters) tall, measured at the shoulders. Mini dachshunds weigh under 11 pounds at 12 months of age. 

What is a tweenie dachshund?

There is a third unofficial standard called “Tweenie Dachshunds” for those dogs that weigh between 11 and 16 pounds. This category is not recognized by the AKC or any other Kennel Club.

What is the smallest dachshund breed?

When you live in a place like the UK or the USA, it can be difficult to find dachshunds under three feet long. In continental Europe, there is an additional size for those who want something petite: The Kaninchen Dachshund (“Kaninchen” means rabbit in German).   

The Kaninchen Dachshunds are smaller than the typical miniature with a chest circumference up to 30 cm measured when at least 15 months. Males weigh 3-3.5 kg while females weigh 2-2.7kg on average

The Kaninchen Dachshund was originally bred to hunt rabbits and has remained popular with hunters ever since its introduction in the 1800s, due to its small size, courage, cleverness, and tenacity. 

These little dogs can be very friendly but also courageous when necessary, an important trait that is useful for hunting prey that outweighs them many times over!

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Is my dachshund miniature or standard

You can tell what size your dachshund is by measuring him from the floor to his withers (the ridge between the shoulder blades). If he’s between 5 and 6 inches tall (13 to 18 centimeters), then he’ll be considered a miniature! If he’s a miniature, you should expect him to be anywhere from 7 lbs. (3 kg) up to 11 lb. (5kg).

If your dachshund is a standard size, it will weigh about 16 to 32 pounds (7-14 kg) and measure 8 to 9 inches tall. The Standard Dachshund is the most popular size of a dachshund by far and they are perfect for families with children, pets, or other dogs in the house. 

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Final thoughts 

They have a gentle disposition that makes them great around kids. Miniature Dachshunds will be timider than their larger counterparts but can still make good companions to family members who live alone or those without cats or small animals. Kaninchen Dachshunds are not as well known as the two previous sizes.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about the different types of dachshunds available. Have you always wanted a small dog but didn’t know which type to get? Maybe now is your chance!

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Standard Dachshund vs Miniature Dachshund