Are Dachshunds Good Apartment Dogs?

Dachshunds and miniature dachshunds are among the most popular breeds in the world. Because of their small size, Dachshunds are preferred especially by people that live in apartments as they don’t require much living space and adapt well to different types of living environments. Dachshunds are just as comfortable in a house with a big yard as in a small apartment.

Are Dachshund good apartment dogs

Why are Dachshunds great apartment dogs?

Sausage dogs are low maintenance, they don’t need to eat a lot of food. (although they will always act as if they are starving). Long hair and wired-haired doxies, require some grooming, but smooth hair dachshunds almost don’t require grooming at all, shedding won’t be much of a problem either.

Sausage dogs are great family dogs, they are very playful by nature and are great with children, so this breed is great for families with small children. Dachshunds are very active, but because of their size, they don’t have any trouble playing inside an apartment.  They are also very loyal to their owner and will fiercely guard their home.

The drawbacks of living with a dachshund

Although their size makes dachshunds appropriate to live in apartments, there are some things you have to consider before sharing your apartment with one. Dachshunds were bred as hunting dogs, so they have a lot of energy and require daily exercise. If these dogs don’t get enough exercise they can become overweight, which can lead to a lot of health problems.

Dachshunds are very smart and lively, but they can also be incredibly stubborn and effective manipulators, so it can be a challenge to train them. If a dachshund is not properly trained, it will develop behavioral problems. Excessive barking is the most common of these problems. Dachshunds have a big dog bark, the deep and loud sound of their bark can become really annoying for you and your neighbors.

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Having a Dachshund as your roommate

Dachshunds are good apartment dogs in general, but you have to address de potential drawbacks. Start training your dachshund as soon as you get it. And make sure that your dog gets enough exercise every day. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to take your dachshund on a walk every day, consider hiring a reputable dog walker. You can also get help with the training by hiring a certified dog trainer. This way your little dachshund will be the best apartment dog ever.

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Are Dachshunds Good Apartment Dogs?