Why Do Dogs Howl?

Why Do Dogs Howl?

We all love dogs. As pets, they are our extended family members. They are very welcoming, social, and always full of love and affection for their owners. However, sometimes these little creatures end up doing a few things that we are unable to understand. One of them is howling. Many dog lovers are worried about why their dogs howl and how to stop them. If you are one of them, read on! This article is just for you!


What are the Common Reasons for Howling?

Howling is a very natural behavior of dogs apart from barking and shrieking. There are several reasons why dogs howl. Some reasons are trivial and some are serious enough. If you have recently brought home your furry buddy, you might find howling to be cute at first. Though howling is normal and natural it is always better to find out the probable reason behind it. Read this article to find out the most common reasons why dogs howl.


Howling is a very common way for dogs to establish a connection within themselves. They howl to send messages to one another. Howling helps them to communicate with each other as well as announce their presence.

Response to Sounds:

You might have noticed your dog howling when they hear loud sounds or noises. It is their way of responding to high-pitched sounds like ambulance sirens, loud party music, musical instruments, etc. Their howl continues as long as they can hear the sound.

Attract Attention:

Dogs love being pampered. If they see you busy with your work and ignore them, they will howl to attract your attention and engage you in activities with them.

Separation Anxiety:

Dogs need a lot of love, care, and affection. If a dog is separated from its owner and left to be alone for a long period, it will start howling. This is because the separation from the owner for a long time makes them anxious, bored, and depressed. Separation anxiety is usually accompanied by additional symptoms of restlessness in your dog. Such symptoms are scratching, digging, destroying, or breaking things. Click here to read more about separation anxiety in Dachshunds 


Dogs are social and amiable. They love interacting with humans. Sometimes dogs might howl to let you know about something he has achieved, such as finding an old toy, bringing the newspaper, etc. They howl to make you aware of their excitement or happiness. They also want to be praised and appreciated in the form of a pat on the back or a belly rub.


Sometimes dogs howl to alert their owners. This might include making the owner aware of some danger or informing him about a new visitor at the door. You will often find your dog running towards the gate on hearing the sound of a car or the ringing calling bell.

Medical Illness:

Sometimes howling may indicate that your dog is suffering from certain physical discomfort. Dogs tend to express themselves by howling when they suffer from any physical or emotional distress. Find out whether your dog is suffering from any illness or pain. If you are unable to identify any, visit a veterinarian at the earliest. Read More About The Common Dachshund Health Issues To Be Aware Of

Mental Stress:

Dogs are very emotional and sensitive creatures. If a dog is left unattended for a long time, then it can feel sad and isolated. It might also develop certain unusual habits. Your dog might be upset or irritated over something and howl as a result of it. Some pet dogs even destroy or break things at home to express their sadness and grief. Sometimes dogs develop age-related issues too. As they grow old, they start facing cognitive problems. If a dog is suffering from disorientation or dementia, it is best to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. Click Here To Read About The Benefits of Hemp Oil for Dachshunds


According to a well-accepted and widely-known theory, dogs are related to wolves. Dogs are believed to be their descendants. Since howling is a prominent characteristic of wolves, it has also been passed on to dogs. The urge to howl has been embedded in dogs as a genetic trait.

Territorial Demarcation:

Dogs live in packs and they have well-defined areas to themselves. Howling is a way using which they defend their boundaries and protect their areas. Whenever a dog sees an unknown dog approaching his region, he howls. It prevents the stranger to step into his zone and also sends an alert message to the other dogs in his group. Dogs use their howls as a defense mechanism.

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Do Some Breeds Howl More Than Others?

While all dogs howl and whine, certain breeds are likely to howl more than others. Among all the dog breeds, beagles are likely to howl more than other breeds. Dogs of the scent hound breed also howl more. The Huskies have short song-like howls. Other breeds that are likely to howl more include Dachshunds, Bloodhounds, Basset Hounds, Tamaskan Dogs, Alaskan Malamutes, American Eskimo dogs, etc.

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How to Stop A Dog From Howling?

The first thing that you should do to stop a dog from howling is to find out the cause of the howl. Identify the trigger behind your dog’s howl and remove it to stop the dog from howling. You can also try to bring about changes in the dog’s behavior. Whenever the howl begins, interrupt your dog and channel him or her to any other productive activity such as playing, chewing, etc. You can also train your dog to follow your cues like “Stop!” or “Enough!”. Since howling is a behavioral trait of your dog, it would take you some time to train him or her.

Howling is one of the most instinctive reactions and a form of vocal expression by dogs. No fixed meaning can be attached to it. It can have multiple reasons. These reasons or causes are dependent on particular situations. Though howling is common for dogs, you should listen carefully and find out whether the howl is for a trivial issue or if anything serious has taken place.

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Dogs’ howling is a captivating phenomenon that reflects their ancestry, emotions, and communication skills. By understanding the primal origins of this behavior and deciphering the messages it conveys, we can strengthen our bond with our canine companions and provide them with the care they truly deserve. At [Your Website Name], we’re dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of dog behavior, guiding you toward a harmonious relationship with your furry friend.


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Why Do Dogs Howl?