Are dachshunds good with kids?


Many parents think about bringing home a puppy for their kids. So naturally, the first thing they want to know is if the new dog is a good match for a family with small children.  Dachshunds are among the most popular small dog breeds in the world. Doxies are small and cute, they seem like an ideal dog for couples with babies, but are they? Let’s find out.

Can Dachshunds be good with kids?

If you’re thinking about adding a dachshund to your family, you might be wondering if they’re good with kids. The answer is yes! Dachshunds are known for their loving and loyal nature, and they make great companions for children of all ages. Here are a few things to keep in mind when raising a dachshund pup with your kids.

Here’s what you need to know. Dachshunds are typically very friendly dogs, and they can make great family pets. However, since they are small dogs, they may not do well with young children who might accidentally hurt them. If you have older children who are gentle and will treat the dog kindly, then a dachshund could be a great addition to your family. Just be sure to supervise all the interactions between your dachshund and any kids in your home.

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are dachshunds good with kids

Are dachshunds kid-friendly?

A kid-friendly dog is gentle with children and has a sturdy body that can stand all hugs and rough love that kid’s like to give to puppies. They also must be playful and willing to run around whenever the kids want to play with the dog. Children-friendly dogs must also be patient with screaming children. They can’t easily be stressed by kids or find children annoying.

Dachshunds are generally loyal and gentle with children. But they are small dogs with fragile backs, which means that they run the risk of getting hurt when they play with children who do not know how to play gently with a dog. Likewise, if the dachshund feels threatened by a child who treats him badly, he may growl or even bite the child.

Luckily this is easy to fix. First of all, you should always supervise your dachshund when he is with children. Never leave a dachshund or any other dog alone with a child. The second thing you should do is explain to the child the correct way to play with the dog. As well as, teaching them the correct way to pick up and hold a dachshund. This way your dachshund can be a playmate for children without either of them being in danger.

Finally, if you see that your dachshund does not feel comfortable and appears fearful or uncomfortable, or if the child plays too aggressively with dachshunds. It is best to separate them to avoid any problems.

Why are Dachshunds not good with children?

Dachshunds have small bodies and fragile backs, they can easily be injured by a child that doesn’t know how to handle sausage dogs. Dachshunds don’t have the body sturdiness for being a kid’s furry pal.

But what about their character? Dachshunds are smart and stubborn, they are notoriously difficult to train and always try to do what they want.

Doxies are also very manipulative and motivated by food. This can be problematic because they will find a way to make children give them treats all the time, and even share their food with them, or simply steal it right out of their hands.

This can be bad for your dog because it can lead to obesity and can also be fed things like chocolates that are poisonous to dogs.

Are dachshunds good with toddlers?

Yes, dachshunds are normally good and gentle with babies. Unlike small children who can accidentally hurt dachshunds. it’s harder for a toddler to hurt a dachshund. Chances are the dachshund and toddler will be cuddling together for the most part. But, just like with children. You should not leave your dachshund or any other dog with a toddler alone without supervision.

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Are dachshunds good family dogs?

Sausage dogs are very keen on warmth and comfort, they are not very playful like other dogs, but they do physical activities like going on walkies with their human. But they may not be very fond of playing with kids. Dachshunds have short legs so they get tired faster than kids.

In general, dachshunds are great family dogs. They are loyal and incredibly loving and affectionate toward their family. They are also very protective and distrust strangers. Doxies are a great companion for adults and teenagers, but they may not be the best match for young children.

Of course, every dog is an individual, not all dachshunds are the same in terms of character. Dachshunds can be trained to be kid-friendly, but one unavoidable issue is their fragile backs. This is the main reason why dachshunds are not the best dogs for kids who like playing rough. The only way a dachshund can be a child’s companion is if the kid is taught to be dachshund friendly and handle them carefully so as not to hurt their backs.

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Final thoughts

Conclusion paragraph: So, if you are looking for a family dog and have children around the house, a dachshund may be a great option. Just make sure to always have adult supervision when the child is interacting with the dog, as even the friendliest of dogs can sometimes get overexcited and unintentionally cause harm. And teach your little ones how to properly interact with the dachshund to prevent the dog from being accidentally hurt. If you have a dachshund and a child in your family, make sure to use these tips to keep both of them safe and happy.

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Are dachshunds good with kids?