Do Dachshunds Get Along With Other Dogs?

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Other Dogs?

Dachshunds have a reputation for not getting along with other dogs. Because Doxies were bred as hunting dogs, they are genetically predisposed to be more aggressive than other dog breeds. But to their owners, Dachshunds are the best playmates and loyal watchdogs. They are small and cuddly so you can keep them in your apartment. But, do dachshunds get along with other dogs? let’s find out if your dachshund can be friends with other dogs.

Most Dachshunds act friendly towards dogs and humans. But in some cases. Dachshunds can become aggressive. This happens when the dog is not socialized at a young age. Luckily this behavior can be corrected with proper training and socialization with other dogs and people around them.

Are dachshunds jealous dogs?

Dachshunds have a strong fixation on their owners and if ignored, they can become extremely jealous. Doxies become jealous because they are extremely loyal to you. As a breed, dachshunds are known for aggression and possessiveness. They can’t put up with encroachments on their personal space and what they think belongs to them. They consider their owner as their own and they don’t like to be ignored. But giving in to their jealous behavior is not good for them or you.

The good thing is that you can identify their signs of jealousy. Handling the situation professionally can make your dog more sociable and playful.

Here are some signs that tell that your doxies are jealous:

  • Growling and hissing
  • Pushy behavior
  • Fight with other pets
  • Paying more attention to the owner
  • Scaring off visitors and strangers
  • Eliminating inside the home

Why do Dachshunds not like other dogs?

Dachshunds may not like other dogs because they get jealous when other dogs share the love and attention of their owner. It’s all due to their loyalty and their overly clingy demeanor. But with proper training, Dachshunds can be trained to live peacefully with other dogs. 

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What to do if your dachshund hates other dogs?

Here are a couple of steps you can follow to make sure that your dachshund will be playful with other dogs.

Early Socialization: You should socialize your dachshund with other dogs and people early on, in the first six months. This will help your dog develop peaceful relationships with other dogs and people all his life.

Persistent Training: Dachshunds are intelligent and stubborn dogs. Training them is not easy but persistent training will ultimately make them behave themselves when they are around other dogs and people.

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Do Dachshunds need a companion?

For sure, your dachshund will need a companion to spend his time playing with and doing things together. But as they tend to be suspicious and jealous of other dogs, if you don’t tackle the issue carefully, you may have an awful situation on hand.

Each dog is different so, you need to be familiar with your dog’s likes, dislikes, energy level, and overall personality, and figure out how it is going to react to a new pet in the home. If you find a dog who is similar to your dachshund in personality and energy level, they are likely going to have a good time.

Do dachshunds prefer other dachshunds?

A dachshund may not know that the other dog is also a dachshund, but they may like each other because they have similar personalities. For this reason, dachshunds will develop a deep bond with each other. They will be perfect playmates and be together in all their exploits, chasing you into the bathroom, stealing food from the kitchen, and scaring away the mailman. 

While dachshunds are generally friendly dogs that get along well with others, they do tend to thrive when they have another dachshund as a companion. This is because they are bred to be hunting dogs, and as a result, they have a strong instinct to work in pairs. Having another dachshund around can help to fulfill this need, and it can also provide your dog with a built-in playmate.

However, owning two dachshunds does come with its fair share of challenges. For one thing, two dogs cost more to care for than one, and they also require more time and attention. Two dachshunds can also be quite loud, and their playfulness can sometimes get out of hand. Additionally, the dynamic at home may shift when two dachshunds are introduced, as each dog will try to establish dominance over the other.

But despite all of these challenges, owning two dachshunds can be a truly rewarding experience. These dogs are incredibly loyal and loving, and they will never get bored or lonely when they have each other to play with. In the end, the joy that two dachshunds can bring is well worth the extra effort required to care for them.

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What dog breeds are compatible with dachshunds?

The dog breeds that can be most compatible with dachshunds are Dobermans, boxers, and some varieties of terriers. Given their suspicion, aggression, and clingy demeanor, dachshunds are more compatible with smaller breeds. But it all depends on the training your dachshund and other dogs have. Well-trained and disciplined dogs of any breed can be compatible with each other.

Does size matter when choosing a companion for your dachshund?

Dachshunds are active dogs. They like to play around and do all kinds of mischief. But, as you may already know, dachshunds have fragile bodies and can easily hurt their backs. For this reason, choosing a large dog to live with your dachshund can be risky. If your dachshund gets into some rough play with a large dog, your dachshund might get hurt accidentally. So size does matter when choosing a companion for your dachshund. Dachshunds are better suited to live with smaller breeds or other dachshunds. 

In conclusion, Dachshunds do get along with other dogs. But, there are some things to keep in mind before introducing your dachshund to other dogs. First of all, you need to socialize your Doxie with other dogs from a young age. You also need to train your dachshund to be able to control its impulses. Lastly, choose a doggy companion that is compatible in size and personality with your dachshund. If you follow these steps, your dachshund will have a blast playing a charing time with other dogs. 

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