How To Stop a Dachshund From Barking

Dachshunds are a hunting breed, as such, they are always active and alert, even if they don’t look like it. Dachshund’s barks have a deep and loud tone as if it’s coming from a much larger hound. This makes dachshunds an effective guard dog, well… they would if they were bigger, so let’s say they are very good “alarm dogs” as they will alert you from an intruder. But all this barking can be problematic. Let’s find out how to stop a dachshund from barking

Dachshund barking dog barking

Dachshund barking problem

The problem with dachshund barking is that their alertness will make them bark for any reason if they are not properly trained. And the constant loud barks will become annoying for you, and your neighbors. Dachshunds bark for a variety of reasons like protecting their territory, greeting someone, showing dominance, or even because of boredom and loneliness. When properly trained, a dachshund will only bark on certain occasions, when it’s necessary.

Why dogs bark

Barking is the way dogs communicate, this means there is no single reason why dogs bark. Every time your dog barks, he is trying to tell you something. He could be alerting you that someone or something is near the house, dogs also bark when they feel threatened or think someone is in danger. Dogs also bark when they feel playful and excited. Other times they will bark in response to other dogs barking nearby.

However, most of the time dogs bark excessively because they are bored, anxious, and under-stimulated in their daily life. When this is the case dogs will bark to release some energy or to get your attention. Other times they will bark to hear their own voice as a way of self-soothing. In these cases, they are telling their owner that something is missing in their life.

How to stop your dog from barking

The first step to stop dogs from barking is to determine the reason for the barking. Is your dog barking because of a stimulus, or out of boredom and loneliness? Remember that getting a dog to bark less is not easy. It will require changes in his daily routine, training discipline, and consistency. Do not expect it to happen overnight.

Here are some useful tips to get your dachshund to stop barking:

  • Train your dachshund to stop barking on command.
  • Don’t let your doxie get bored.
  • Distract your dog from what stimulates the barking.
  • If everything fails: Get a professional trainer.

Training your dog to stop barking

If your dog is constantly barking every time someone walks by your house or hears a noise, then you need to train your dog. To stop and discourage this barking you must approach your dog and use a command to tell him to stop. Your dog must see you as the pack leader when you approach him, so stay calm and don’t scream. Be calm and assertive when telling your dog to stop barking, and stand there until your dog is calm and doesn’t want to keep barking. If you tell him to be quiet and then leave too soon, your dog will continue to bark.

This will take time to work, your dog won’t stop barking the first time you correct him. Consistency and dedication from you are what it takes to train your dog to stop barking. One of the reasons your dog barks at outside stimulus is because he thinks that he is the dominant dog in the pack. So, if you claim the status as the alfa dog in the pack your dog will be relaxed and calm.  So he won’t feel the need to protect the house from the mailman or any other person walking by.

Angry dachshund

Keep your dog busy and entertained

If your dog barks because he is bored or lonely, then you need to make some changes in their daily routine. Dogs need daily exercise and mental stimulation. Take your dog for a walk daily or have some playtime. A tired dog and relaxed dog will bark much less than a dog filled with unused energy. Give your dog toys to play with if he feels bored, if your dog is entrained he will be less prone to bark.
If you can’t take your dog for a walk every day, consider hiring a reputable dog walking service. This way your dog will get the daily exercise that he needs.

Distracting your dog

Using a distraction to get your dachshund to stop barking is another popular technique among dog experts. In some cases, the intensity of the barking is too high for the dog to listen to your commands. For this reason, the best way to stop the barking is to break his concentration on the stimulus. The best way to do this is by making a loud noise that distracts the dogs. You can slam a magazine against the table or fill a can with coins and shake vigorously to make noise. If your dog still won’t stop barking throw an object near him, use something that will produce a sound when it lands but won’t break or damage your house. Be careful not to hit your dog with it. A phone book might be useful in this case. You can also use something like a dog whistle or other devices that emit a high-frequency sound. This sound will also interrupt your dog’s barking.

Every time your dog barks for no reason use this technic to interrupt the barking, after a while, your dog will associate the unpleasant sound with barking for no reason. There are also bark collars that operate with the same principle. These collars emit a sound, burst of air or aroma, every time your dog barks, interrupting the barking. These collars are very effective in stopping barking. However, there are some disadvantages when it comes to using these devices.  The first one is that they could be set off by the barking of other dogs nearby. If your neighbor’s dogs start barking the collar of your dog could be set off. The other is that it won’t recognize the tone of the bark. As you know sometimes dogs bark for the right reasons, like letting you know he needs to go to the bathroom or to alert you to something. So these collars would not be the first option to control your dog’s barking. Make sure to consult with your veterinarian or trainer before deciding to put one on your dog.

Getting help to stop the barking

If your dog is too stubborn, as most dachshunds are, it will take longer for the training to work. Sometimes owners don’t have the time and dedication to train their dogs by themselves. In this case, it’s a good idea to hire a professional dog trainer. A good trainer will know how to train even the most stubborn of dogs. But remember that even if another person is training your dog, you still must do your part in correcting your dog’s behavior. This means claiming the role of the pack leader and correct your dog’s behavior in a loving but disciplined way.

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