Separation Anxiety in Dachshunds

Separation Anxiety in Dachshunds

It is a common complaint of pet parents that their dogs become destructive when they are left alone in the house. This can just mean that your doxie requires some basic house training, but when this behavior goes beyond the occasional naughty mischief, it can be a sign of separation anxiety. 

Dogs with separation anxiety can become extremely upset when their humans leave the house. This often results in them destructing the household, chewing furniture and other objects, relentlessly barking, howling, defecating, urinating, and other signs of distress. 

When your dog is acting this way, you must understand their situation and handle this case gently and with proper care. Thankfully, with some patience, dedication, and conditioning, you can help your pooch remain calm when they are alone at home. The first thing to do is to understand your dog’s anxiety.


Are dachshunds prone to suffer separation anxiety?

Dachshunds are not especially prone to separation anxiety compared to other breeds. However, like any dog, they can develop separation anxiety if they get overly attached to their human, don’t get enough physical activity, or are left alone in the house for most of the day.

What Causes Separation Anxiety in Dachshunds?

There is no concrete evidence for why dachshunds or dogs get separation anxiety, but dachshunds are very witty dogs and get bored easily if they do not get proper exercise. They can always become destructive if they are unable to entertain themselves.

There are also other less obvious reasons for your dachshund to get anxious like changes in their daily routines or life changes like moving to a new house, drastic changes in their human schedule, or the absence of a close family member. There is also a higher incidence of separation anxiety in abandoned and rescued dogs.

Signs of separation anxiety 

There are some common symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs if your dachshund shows these signs of distress every time you leave the house or even when you just get your coat or keys to go out, he/she is suffering from separation anxiety:

  • Constant howling and barking
  • Pacing around the house and whining
  • Panting
  • Defecating and urinating inside the house (on occasion even coprophagia)
  • Digging, chewing, and destructive behavior

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How to help your dog with separation anxiety

There are some ways you can help your dog reduce or relieve their separation anxiety, and they are, 

Train them to be less sensitive to you leaving

You can achieve this by going out of the door, coming back in a few minutes, and repeating this exercise a few times a day. You must remember not to pay attention to the dog when you come back. Your dog will start to get less and less anxious and you will be able to gradually leave for longer periods. 

Don’t make a big deal about leaving or returning home

Sometimes we feel guilty about leaving our beloved dogs alone, so we tend to give them lots of attention the moment we come back, but this will only increase their anxiety even more. You must practice not giving any attention to your dog for a few minutes until they get calm, this will habituate them to the situation and their separation anxiety will decrease. 

Give them plenty of physical activity

You should give your dachshund the proper amount of daily exercise (they generally need at least 40 minutes a day of walks and playtime). If you practice this, they will be tired and will probably prefer to sleep and rest during the time they are alone at home.

Keep them entertained while you are away

Set up a place in the house where they can feel safe and entertained while they are alone. Dachshunds love to burrow. You can make their crate or bed a cozy little place where they can curl up and burrow. Also, leave them with their favorite toys and some interactive treat-dispensing toys (like Kong or Furbo) that will keep them entertained for hours.

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Try some natural supplements to relieve anxiety 

You can also use natural supplements like CBD oil for relieving anxiety in dogs. This has no significant side effects and is fully natural and safe. So many dog owners swear by the benefits of CBD oil. Not only does it help with your dachshund’s separation anxiety, but it can also help with their overall health and make your dog feel more comfortable, reduce stress, chronic pain, etc. And it is always a safer option to use pharmaceutical medication.

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Understanding and managing separation anxiety in Dachshunds is essential for their well-being and peace of mind. By following the strategies outlined in this article, you can create a supportive environment for your furry companion and help them overcome anxiety. Remember to be patient, consistent, and provide plenty of love and care. With time and effort, your Dachshund can learn to feel more comfortable when left alone, leading to a happier and healthier life together.

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separation anxiety in dachshundsSeparation Anxiety in Dachshunds