Why do Dachshunds Shake?

Why dachshunds shake

Why do Dachshunds Shake?

If you are a Dachshund owner you might have seen your dog shivering for no reason. Or maybe you’ve heard that this breed tends to shake like a leaf. These dogs are known to shake a lot and there are so many reasons for this behavior.

Sometimes it’s scary when your dog is shivering a lot. But you need to remember that it is normal for small dog breeds like dachshunds to shiver. So there is no need to panic and call the veterinarian every time your doxie is trembling. Here, we’ll learn more about why dachshunds shake.


Reasons why dachshunds shake or shiver

Fighting a cold

Sometimes Dachshunds shiver because they have a fever and they are fighting the cold. When they have a fever, they become a little shaky. This can be a bit upsetting for the owners, but normally it’s not that harmful. If your dog is healthy, he or she can fight the cold, just like humans do when they have a cold. However, if your Dachshund is sneezing, has nasal congestion, or coughing, you should call your vet for advice. When your dog is fighting a cold you just have to keep it indoors and make sure it’s warm and make sure it drinks a lot of fluids.

Fear and Anxiety

Another reason why dachshunds shake is fear or anxiety. Dogs shake when they are stressed or feeling anxious. So many situations can make them behave this way like loud noise, strange people, fireworks, or being left alone. You can help your dachshund by giving it extra treats and making it a comfortable and safe space to let your dachshund settle. Taking your dachshund for a walk or playing with your dog until it gets tired, is another great way to make your dog less anxious.

Your dog is excited

This can be another reason why your Dachshund is shivering. Although Dachshunds are small dogs, they are very energetic. When they get excited, they need to shed some energy. They can be ecstatic when they are about to go for a walk, the moment you return home, or you’re about to give them a treat.

Your dog has too much energy

Sometimes Dachshunds shake when they have too much energy built up in them. It’s not an unusual thing for these small dogs. So, whenever, it happens, you have to exercise your dog, play with them, and keep them active.

How to stop your dachshund from shaking

There are some ways you can stop the tremors in your Dachshund. These are simple techniques and following them will stop the shivering tendencies.

Keep him warm

You have to keep your Dachshund warm whenever they are shivering, because they can be feeling cold, and to fight off the situation, make them feel comfortable and cover them with their blanket.

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Calm and relax your dog

As you know Dachshunds are highly energetic dogs, so when they are shivering it can be because they are too excited. So, you have to calm them down by acting normally. Make them feel relaxed.

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Give them some exercise

Just like humans, dogs also need exercise and your Dachshund needs it regularly. You can take them for a small walk, and play with them at home. Make them feel loved.

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Dcahshund health issues

Shaking can also be a sign of a possible health issue

Most of the time when dachshunds are shaking, you won’t have to worry, because this has no danger associated with it. However, f your dachshund won’t stop shaking or shivering. This can be a sign of a serious issue that requires medical attention.


Nausea is a common health issue that causes shivering in dogs. Since they don’t have any other way to let you feel their disease, they shiver. If other symptoms like depression and loss of appetite are present, it will be better to contact a vet.

Kidney Disease

Health issues with kidneys can be mild to serious. Besides shaking, other symptoms can be blood in urine, loss of appetite, weight loss, and so on. Kidney problems can be the reason for poisoning, and poor oral hygiene too.


Just like humans, dogs also have epilepsy or other seizure disorders. If the shiver is for this reason then you might notice some other symptoms, like, foam forming in their mouth, paddling their legs, falling over, and losing consciousness. If you are noticing these things in your Dachshund, then you must take your pup to a vet. They will usually prescribe some medication to cure the seizure.

Physical pains

As your Dachshund grows older, they will have different causes for pain in their bodies. They can have kneecap issues, back problems, hip ailments, and so on. To keep your dog healthy, you have to take them for exercise. Also, refrain them from jumping, or climbing the stairs.

Back injury

The shaking of your Dachshund can be because of some kind of back injury or illness. You must take your dog to a vet and examine them. If they show signs like squealing, diarrhea, vomiting or they are having problems with moving, you should take your dog to a specialist. If your Dachshund is shivering or having a hard time looking at you, seek medical help as soon as possible.

Muscular atrophy

Muscle loss or muscular atrophy can be another reason why your Dachshund is tremoring. This can be caused because of the old age of the dog, or an illness. You also can notice muscle loss when you pick your dog up, and it will feel lighter than normal.

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Dachshund care and health

These are some of the reasons for Dachshund shaking. You must understand that the shivering of your dog can be for a wide variety of reasons. As Dachshunds have this tendency, most of the time shaking is nothing to worry about. Keep them warm, play with them, and play some relaxing music, and your Dachshund will be happy. Only if the shaking is too continuous, watch out for other signs of an illness.

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In conclusion, Dachshunds shake for various reasons, ranging from instinctual behavior and excitement to body temperature regulation and potential health concerns. Understanding the underlying causes of this behavior is crucial in providing the best care and support for your furry friend. Remember, if you have any concerns about your Dachshund’s shaking or overall well-being, consult a veterinarian for expert advice.

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