Why Do Dachshunds Bark So Much?

Why Do Dachshunds Bark So Much?

Dogs can be great companions. Unfortunately, they’re not perfect. Many dog breeds, by their very nature, can have very disruptive habits. One such habit is excessive barking. Now, barking itself might not be so bad, but if you’re living in a small neighborhood, having a noisy pet can be a problem. One such dog known for its loud and frequent barking is the dachshund. But why do dachshunds bark all the time? Is there a way to make them stop? Let’s find out.

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What Causes Excessive Barking?

Dogs, especially dachshunds, are very social creatures, and part of being social is communication. The reason dogs bark is to communicate with a fellow dog, another animal, or with you. Many people fail to realize this and think that dogs are just annoying, but barking is a natural way for them to express themselves. Of course, if you feel that a dog is barking more often than normal, then there might be an underlying issue. Here are some of the reasons why dachshunds bark so much.


Just like humans, dogs feel anxious when they are left in a situation they’re not comfortable with. It could be that they were left alone at home when their owner went to work, or they might be spending time in a place they’re not familiar with. Either way, one way for dogs to express this anxiety is through barking. But the good news is that they will eventually adapt to new situations and over time, will get over their anxiety. Click Here to Read About Separation Anxiety in Dachshunds

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The lack of mental stimulation can also be a major cause of excessive barking. This is especially problematic for smarter dogs, as they will get bored quickly if they don’t have anything to do. Giving your dog ample exercise or tiring them out should lessen their barking. Giving them toys or puzzles to keep them entertained is also a good option to consider. Of course, if you do plan on giving them toys, make sure that you alternate them, so your pet doesn’t get bored easily. Click Here to Find Out How to Keep a Dachshund Busy


Some dogs bark a lot to express excitement, whether because they’re seeing their owners after an entire day of being alone at the house or seeing another dog who can be a potential friend or enemy. Dachshunds are generally very excitable whenever they feel energetic, so the best thing to do when dealing with an overly excited animal is to simply tire them out. Take them out for a long walk or play fetch with them in the yard.


Frustration is another cause of excessive barking for some dogs. This is most common for dogs that are unable to access certain areas in your home, whilst still being able to perceive it, whether through scent or sight. For example, your dog might see a squirrel through the window that it wants to chase but is unable to. They might also smell their dog friend over the fence but couldn’t find a way to get to them.

Territorial Behavior

This one is especially prevalent with watchdog breeds. Dogs would certainly want to warn you and other dogs in the vicinity if there is a potential intruder close by, which they generally do so through barking. Some dogs might not be able to distinguish between a friendly visitor and a dangerous intruder, and so would end up barking at both. The only way to get around this behavior is proper and consistent training

They Need Something

Many dogs also use barking as a way to demand something. This type of bark usually happens when your dog needs something from you. This could happen when they’re hungry, want to go out for a walk, or it could be as simple as wanting you to pet them. Of course, answering this type of bark can lead to undesirable results, such as spoiling your dog, where they bark all the time to get everything they want. The trick to stopping this behavior is pretty much the same as dealing with a spoiled child: ignoring them. If your dog is exhibiting demand barking, and you know it’s safe to ignore them, then do so. They will eventually learn that barking isn’t always a good way to get what they want.

Attention-Seeking Behavior

Sometimes, the reason why dachshunds bark so much is that there’s no reason at all, and they simply want attention from you. As we’ve mentioned before, dogs are very social creatures, and the moment they feel neglected, they will voice out their concern. If you’ve done all you can to meet all your dog’s needs and are unsure why your pet is still barking, then it’s very likely that they just want to interact or play with you.

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Why do Dachshunds Bark so Loud?

Now that we understand why dogs would bark excessively, we can take a look at why dachshunds bark so loudly. Dachshunds were originally bred as hunting dogs, particularly for their ability to track down, chase, and flush out certain animals. This breed was particularly helpful in flushing out badgers and other burrowing animals due to its small stature. The miniature dachshund, a smaller version, was used in farms and fields to hunt down mice and rabbits that devastated crops. Dachshunds were bred to have a small size, stumpy legs, and loud bark. This is why this breed is very effective as hunting dogs.

As hunting dogs, dachshunds must have an aggressive temperament. This aggressive nature gives them a propensity for chasing smaller animals, like birds, rodents, and even other dogs. This triggered aggression usually manifests itself through incessant barking. This is made worse since dachshunds are known for their very loud barks, despite being smaller animals.

On top of their inherent hunting instincts, dachshunds also suffer from separation anxiety quite often, which as we already discussed, can cause them to bark due to severe anxiety. This anxiety can also manifest into other destructive traits, like chewing or digging. What makes it even more difficult to deal with dachshunds is that they are very stubborn animals. They tend to be much harder to train and will need a lot of patience and consistency during training. On the bright side, despite being very energetic dogs, dachshunds can be quite sedentary, making them easy to tire out.

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Why Dachshunds Bark So Much?