How do you calm an anxious dachshund?

How do you calm an anxious dachshund?

The majority of the time, your pet may be a happy, carefree individual with a playful spirit. But, there may be situations where you find that they become stressed and anxious. If you can pinpoint the causes then you can work toward finding a solution. Here are some helpful tips on how to relax a dog.

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What can you do to relax a dog?

1) Act like everything is fine.

Your demeanor makes a big difference here. Dogs can pick up on stress levels and may not calm down if you’re on edge. Acting like this strange situation is normal. If that isn’t enough, providing them with toys and blankets can also offer some comfort.

2) Give them an anxiety vest.

Anxiety vests are well-loved by dog owners that have dogs that struggle with car journeys or thunderstorms. They are short-term solutions where dogs feel the compression from the vest – a bit like an ongoing hug. It can have significant effects on the dog.

3) Leave the TV or radio on.

If you have to leave your dog at home alone, the TV or radio can prove to be a nice companion for them. They can be distracted by the shows and the voices on the radio. Studies also show that dogs react well to classical music, so try one of these stations.

4) Create a safe space of their own.

Dogs that have their dens and crates have a safe space that they can call their own. This is useful throughout times of stress and disruption and is therefore helpful in many situations. Here, they can retreat to a play of safety with their favorite things away from the noise. Mat training can also help to teach them to lie and stay calm in a designated area.

5) Try some canine massage

When your pet gets stressed out by the presence of other people, dogs, or strange creatures they will usually go to you for comfort and reassurance. Instead of just providing a cuddle and a soothing word, you could offer a massage. The right pressure in the right areas can work wonders. Look out for local classes.

6) Create some distance and distraction with exercise.

Exercise is ideal for reducing stress levels. If you are already out in the park or on a play date, distract your dog with a game, and by running around. This exercise can also help you create distance between you and the person or animal causing distress.

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What about using CBD oil for dog relaxation?

CBD oil and essential oils are both great natural solutions for getting a dog to relax. But, you do need to make sure that you use safe, natural sources in just the right way. You can add drops of CBD oil to a dog’s food, water, or under the tongue to calm them down. It is completely safe and legal. Other forms of aromatherapy are also helpful as dogs are so much more susceptible to scents. The right fragrances in candles and burners could help you both to relax. Or, you could buy a special canine spritz to mist them with a nice scent. Click here to read more about the benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs 

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What are some of the most common causes of anxiety in dogs?

Your canine companion could become distressed in several situations that are new and frightening. Some of the most common include the following

1) Separation anxiety.

This is a common issue with many breeds that are close to their owners and demand attention. They don’t like being left alone for long periods and can fear that you won’t come back to them. Over time, you can deal with this issue with training and reassurance. Or, you can bring in dog sitters. But, there are other ways to help calm a dog dealing with this sort of stress.  Click here to read more about separation anxiety in dachshunds. 

2) Strange environments

Take a dog out of its literal comfort zone and it could get anxious and stressed out. They will turn to you for reassurance that everything is alright. There are different situations where this can occur. Moving home is a common trigger for this sort of stress.

Also, you might end up taking a dog on a trip where they have to travel in a car or a plane. This whole new experience could be too much for them without your help and support. Dogs that don’t like car journeys may require aid to help them through the journey.

3) Loud noises.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to prevent loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks. You can’t always control when they will happen or their intensity of them. If you are aware of a planned display then you can prepare and do your best to remove the stimulus and distract your dog. You might be able to plan a little for forecast storms.

4) Other dogs and animals.

If your dog isn’t that great around other dogs or animals, they might get anxious when meeting them. If there is a controlled and planned meeting arranged between them and a friend or relative’s dog, it is easier to provide support. You can also do your best to be prepared to help your dog during a trip to a do park in case another animal comes over without an invitation.

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What you shouldn’t do to relax your dog?

Don’t reward any bad behavior as this can lead to problems down the line. You might decide to turn a blind eye if they start chewing or urinating out of stress or frustration. However, this will only teach them that this is an appropriate reaction. It is better to give positive reinforcement and helpful correction while using one of the aids above. Also, don’t turn to pharmaceutical drugs and tranquilizers to sedate your dog either. There is no need for heavy medication when you can use natural products or offer comfort.

Finding the best option for your animal can take time.

Don’t expect the first thing you try to work perfectly the very first time. Trial and error are important when learning how to relax a dog. There will be tips that work for some dogs that just aren’t right for yours. Give it a few goes for your dog to get used to a new experience. With time, they may settle down and see the benefits, If they continue to be uncomfortable with treatment then try something else until you get it right. Don’t force something that isn’t right. Together, you can find a treatment that helps your dog relax.

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How do you calm an anxious dachshund?