How To Dachshund Proof Your Home & Garden

How To Dachshund Proof Your Home & Garden

Clever, courageous, and bursting with energy, Dachshunds bring so much joy to family life. However, as with any dog, they can also cause problems. From scratching the furniture to digging up the yard, it’s important to make sure your home can withstand years of having a Dachshund resident.

If you’re looking to Dachshund proof your house, then this guide’s for you. Read on to find out how you can protect every inch of your property from your new dog.


Dog-proofing your house

Your house is a constant source of curiosity for a Dachshund. With new items regularly coming in and out, your dog will sniff around daily to see if anything is worth eating or playing with. Here’s a look at the main rooms in the house and how they can be dog-proofed.

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Bathroom, Laundry Room, and Kitchen

These rooms tend to be where harmful and toxic products are kept. Therefore, you must be able to store them in a high-up cupboard. Dachshunds were bred to squeeze through small gaps so that any floor-level cupboards could be accessible. Leave the cleaning products high up, where there’s no chance for a Dachshund accidentally biting into a bottle.

The same goes for trash. Kitchens and bathrooms are typically where families keep their trash cans and a bored Dachshund is bound to go rummaging through. Your best option to Dachshund-proof your house is to opt for dog-proof trash cans, which can easily be found online. These are designed to only be accessible by humans and your Dachshund will leave it well alone.

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Living Room

The living room tends to be the pride and joy of many families, where guests gather to relax. Keeping it clean and tidy when you have a Dachshund, however, can cause problems. There are endless opportunities for your pup to get up to mischief in the living room but you should be able to prevent most of the damage by making a few simple changes.

Set ground rules

You don’t have to deprive your dog of all luxury but having a few basic rules can help keep the living room clean. Start by saying no dirty dogs in the living room. Leave a towel by the door so you can wipe their feet and belly before they enter the family room.

Secondly, if your Dachshund must come on the furniture, limit it to one item. Let your Dachshund know that they can use the old armchair in the corner but not the brand-new couch. Alternatively, allow the Dachshund on the couch only when a blanket has been laid down. This keeps the mess in one space, making it easier to clean up.

If you get a Dachshund a comfortable bed of its own, then it likely won’t need to spend much time on the furniture, anyway. The main point here is to set clear limits that keep both Dachshund and humans happy.

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Hide cables and remotes

Dachshunds love to chew and they may see electronics as toys. Cables should be kept out of reach, either behind furniture or fixed to the wall, too high for a tiny Dachshund to reach. Make sure there are always a few toys around so that if your dog does get the urge, it can chew on a dog-safe bone rather than the TV remote.

Dog-proofing the bedrooms

The easiest way to keep your bedroom protected from a Dachshund is to not let them in at all. However, Dachshunds can experience separation anxiety and won’t want to sleep alone. Create a Dachshund-dedicated space in the bedroom to keep the mess contained. This could be a blanket in the corner where the dog bed is located or a blanket on the bed to protect the duvet.

Dog-proofing your garage

The garage is another place where potentially dangerous chemicals and tools are kept. Put up shelves and make sure everything is securely placed out of the reach of your Dachshund. Garages tend to accumulate junk so spend a good day or two clearing the clutter. Make sure your garage is only filled with items you need so that you can more easily keep it organized and pet-safe.

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Dog-proofing your garden

The garden will be your Dachshund’s favorite place. From the moment they wake up to just before they go to sleep, exploring the yard is an important part of the day. However, there are dangers in the garden to watch out for as well as the potential for your Dachshund to escape. The main things to consider are fences and plants.


Being a small and flexible breed, keeping a Dachshund from escaping is a particularly difficult task. Before bringing one into your home you’ll need to ensure you have a Dachshund-proof fence. Invest in a sturdy fence that doesn’t leave gaps and can’t easily be breached by a small dog. Due to their short stature, height isn’t your main concern for containing a Dachshund. However, they are prolific diggers so whichever fence you opt for, build a concrete foundation.


If you’ve just got a new dog, it’s time to clear out your garden. Take stock of all the plants that are growing and check whether any are poisonous to dogs. This information can be easily found online and includes several common garden plants. Dachshunds can be overly courageous, to the point of eating just about anything without considering the consequences. It’s your responsibility as an owner to keep your garden free from dangerous plants.

Owning a Dachshund will make every day a great deal more joyful. They’ll make you laugh and comfort you when you’re feeling sad. However, their excitement and energy can cause problems. Follow the tips above to Dachshund proof your house to keep your puppy safe and your home looking great.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, be sure to keep your dog safe by making the necessary changes to your home and garden. You mustn’t forget about any of these items as they can easily cause injury if left unchecked. For everyone in the family to stay happy and healthy, take a moment today or the next time you are at home or outside to ensure everything is dachshund-proofed!

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How To Dachshund Proof Your Home & Garden