How Do I Get Dog Hair Out Of My Clothes And Washing Machine?

How Do I Get Dog Hair Out Of My Clothes And Washing Machine?

The funny part is that we all love our dogs for their fluffy fur coat but hate the hair fuzz that sticks on our clothes, beds, carpets, and even washing machines. And to be honest, getting the pet hairs off the clothes and washers can be very difficult and annoying. But don’t worry it’s not impossible. In this article, we are sharing some easy ways in which you can get rid of pet hair from your clothes, upholstery, carpets, blankets, and washing machines. So, without any further delay, let’s start!


Why Is Pet Hair Bad For Washing Machines?

Pet hair can ruin your washing machines if you don’t check out the clothes before putting them in. They can get into the filters and hinder the performance of your washer. So, it’s very important to keep your machine clean and free from pet hair and any kind of dirt. Prevention is better than cure, so to save yourself from the struggle while cleaning the washing machine, prevent the pet hair from reaching there in the first place. Don’t know how? Keep reading to find out!

How To Prevent Dog Hair From Reaching Your Washing Machine?

The best way to prevent dog hair from reaching your washer is by checking and cleaning the clothes before putting them inside them. Here are some useful tips for this purpose :

  • Clean the clothes you’re planning to wash when they’re still dry and the dog hair is visible. For this, use a rubber glove or sponge and roll it around the cloth to get rid of hair strands.
  • Soak clothes in fabric softener before putting them in your washing machine.
  • The best idea is to groom your dog so it doesn’t shed much hair in the first place.
  • Use a pet hair vacuum to get rid of the fuzz from your pet.

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Washing Machine?

No matter how hard you try and how much you prevent the pet hair from entering your washer, it always finds a way to get into it. Although washing the clothes in the machine is the quickest way to get rid of pet fur on your clothes, the hairballs get trapped inside the washing machine and hinder its performance.

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Here is how to get pet hair out of the washing machine:

First of all, keep your washer’s door open for some time so that all the dog hair dries properly. This is because it’s very difficult to take out wet hairballs. Now, take your vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment and suck in all the hair from the machine. For cleaning the filter, remove it, and discard all the dirty clumps.

Most importantly, clean your machine regularly so that pet hair doesn’t build up inside.

Does Fabric Softener Help Remove Pet Hair?

Well, fabric softeners are very useful in removing dog hair from clothes but you can’t always rely on these products as they don’t work every single time. Also, some types of fabric softeners contain a lot of chemicals that can degrade the quality of your clothes. So, we don’t recommend using them regularly. Moreover, use chemical-free or natural fabric softeners if possible.

Do Dryer Sheets Help With Pet Hair?

Yes, some great dryer sheets on the market can be very helpful in removing the fuzzy mess from your clothes. These dryer sheets repel most of the pet hair. You can use them in two ways, either use them before putting the clothes into the machine or use them in the dryer while your clothes are spinning inside.

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Clothes?

Here are the top three ways to get dog hair out of clothes :

1] Using A Lint Roller

Lint rollers can be your holy grail and they work most of the time. But you should invest in a good quality tint roller otherwise you’ll end up losing your faith in them. A good quality lint roller will not only save your time but will also save your energy.

2] Using Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves act as a magnet to the sticky pet hair. Wear your rubber glove and wipe your hands on your clothes to attract the fuzz. Alternatively, you can also use damp hands for this purpose. Just wet your hand and wipe it over the cloth or your couch so that the hair comes sticking to your hand.

3] Using White Vinegar

If you’re popping the clothes in your washing machine then add about a 1/2 cup of white vinegar to it and then spin your clothes to get rid of all the fuzz and other lint.

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How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Fleece?

Pet hair loves sticking to the fleece material comparatively more than the others and getting them out of such materials is very challenging.

You can use all the above-mentioned ways on fleece and blankets as well.

1] Again, a rubber glove will save you from a lot of struggle. Lay the blanket or any other fleece cloth on a flat table and wipe a wet rubber glove all across it.

2] Use a brush or rubber broom if the hair is too much. It works great for thick items such as blankets and carpets. The static electricity of the bristles attracts the hair and takes them off. So, invest in a good quality rubber brush or a rubber broom if you’ve pets around.

3] Use masking tape for removing super fine hair. Lay the item on a flat surface and stick the tape on it and then pull in the opposite direction to take all the lint out.

4] Be smart and use static electricity. For this, rub a dryer sheet on the item to attract the hair. If you don’t have a dryer sheet, use a balloon. Just inflate it and rub it against the fleece item to capture the fuzz.

5] If nothing works, pop the fleece article into your washing machine. While doing so, add either a cup of distilled white vinegar or some fabric softener to make the process easy and effective. Also, don’t forget to clean your washer post usage.

How Do I Get Rid Of Dog Hair In My House?

Again, the best idea is to prevent your dog from shedding excess hair. Here are some useful tips to follow:

  • Groom your dog regularly so that the dead fur gets eliminated before sticking to your clothes or other items. Use pet hair vacuums for this purpose.
  • Make sure your dog is getting a proper nutrient-rich diet.
  • Clean your house regularly using a wet mop.
  • Keep supplies like lint rollers, rubber gloves, and rubber brooms handy when you’ve pets around your house.

While these tips will help you to remove pet hair from laundry or other places, you can’t think of eliminating the pet hair from your house completely. This is impractical, to be honest. Every pet sheds some of his hair regularly and nothing is abnormal about it. It is an important part of their life so accept it and follow the above tips to deal with it happily.

How Do You Get Stubborn Dog Hair Out Of The Carpet?

Carpets are one of the hottest places to find dog hair. Here is how to get rid of pet hair from your favorite carpet :

  • Rub the carpet with a wet cloth or even with your hands to gather the hair into a ball and then discard it.
  • Use a clean kitchen scrubber and move it around your carpet to gather the hair and pick it up using a vacuum or your hands to discard it.
  • Add about 2 cups of natural fabric softener into a bucket of water and then transfer the solution into a large spray bottle. Spray the solution on the carpet and let it dry completely before vacuuming it.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet and leave it for about 30 minutes. Now, vacuum the surface. Baking soda not only removes hair but also acts as a natural carpet deodorizer.

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How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Upholstery

We can’t lay enough stress on the importance of rubber gloves for removing pet fur from clothes, furniture, and almost everything. So, for upholstery also, try using a damp rubber glove. It will take out all the fuzz and any other type of lint from your couch or sofa.

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Can I Vacuum The Hair Off My Dog?

The answer is YES! You can use pet hair vacuum cleaners for this purpose. They are specially designed for removing the dead fur from your pet’s body and they are completely safe on their bodies. However, every vacuum cleaner is not meant for pets. So, never try using a regular vacuum cleaner on your pet as it can hurt them.

So, this is how you can get rid of pet hair from your washing machine, clothes, furniture, upholstery, and other items. We hope this article helps you!

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Say goodbye to the frustration of dog hair on your clothes and within your washing machine. By following our expert methods and maintenance tips, you can ensure a fur-free wardrobe and a smoothly-running washing machine. Remember, a little proactive care goes a long way in maintaining cleanliness and efficiency. Enjoy your time with your furry companion without worrying about hair-covered clothes!

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How Do I Get Dog Hair Out Of My Clothes And Washing Machine?