Are Dachshunds Good With Cats?

One of the most common questions of dachshund owners is whether their dog will get along with a cat. Dogs and cats don’t have a good reputation for getting along. Thus the phrase “fighting like dogs and cats”.  Some even believe that cats and dogs are natural enemies, destined by nature to hate each other. So are dachshunds good with cats? Let’s figure it out.

If you’re considering adding a dachshund to your home, you may be wondering if they get along with cats. While every dog is different, dachshunds are generally friendly and outgoing, so they typically do well with cats. Of course, it’s always important to introduce any new pets slowly and supervise their interactions at first, but in most cases, dachshunds and cats can become good friends.

Are Dachshunds Good With Cats?

Can dachshunds live with cats?

The fact is that dachshunds and cats can, and often become friends and companions. A well-socialized dachshund will get along just fine with cats in most circumstances.

There are many aspects to consider to determine whether your dachshund and cat will get along with each other. The most important is the personality of both animals and their past experiences. If your dog has had bad experiences with cats before, he will probably act aggressively toward cats and the other way around.

According to Animal Behaviour specialists, if you are introducing a dachshund puppy to a kitty, it’s most likely that both animals will hit it off and get along fine as they grow up together. However, be careful when introducing a kitty to a grown dog or a puppy to a grown cat.

If your dachshund is not well socialized and behaves aggressively towards the kitty, is best to keep them apart as your dachshund could hurt or even kill the kitty. On the other hand, an aggressive cat can also be a threat to a doxie puppy.

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How do you introduce a dachshund to a cat?

Do you have a cat at home and want to introduce your dachshund to them? Here are a few tips on how to do so that both of your pets can enjoy each other’s company. Cats and dachshunds can make great companions, but it’s important to do the introduction slowly and carefully so that everyone feels comfortable.

With a little patience and some positive reinforcement, you’ll be sure to see some new friendships blossom in your home.

Train your dachshund first

Start by teaching your dachshund some basic commands, such as “sit”, “stay” and “leave it” and reward him with treats whenever they perform well. the idea of this is that the dachshund learns to obey your commands. A trained and obedient dachshund will be easier to control during the process of introducing a cat to the family.

Start slowly

Dachshunds are very territorial. If your doxie has established his dominion over your house, introducing a new cat can be very difficult. If this is the case, start slowly. The first step is making your dog meet the kitty in a “neutral” zone so your dog won’t consider the cat an intruder. If they get along well, bring the cat home but keep the kitty in a restricted area where your doxie can’t get it. Block off a room or section of your house if necessary. Do this until your dog becomes used to the cat. Then let them be together under supervision. Do this until you are sure that your dachshund has accepted the cat as a member of the household.

Let them smell each other 

Introducing your dachshund to a new cat doesn’t have to be difficult, just follow these simple steps! Put the cat in a safe, closed room and separate them with a stair gate. Swap smells by letting each one get close to the other’s food bowl, and then let the newbie get used to the house. 

Walk your dachshund around so he can familiarize himself with the scent of the cat, and grab some treats to keep him happy. If he barks, distract him with a toy or some treats. With patience and these simple tips, you’ll have both animals happily.

Let them see each other

It’s a good idea to use look-through barriers like a mesh net gate, so they can get used to each other presence. Also is very important that you don’t neglect your dog while giving attention to the cat. This will make your dachshund jealous, if this happens it will be very difficult for your dog to accept the cat. If you are introducing a puppy to a cat, just do the same but in reverse.

Let them meet each other

Be patient and take things slowly, don’t expect your dog to become best friends with the cat overnight. Once you’re confident that they can behave around each other safely, remove their leashes and open the stair gate so they can explore more freely. Keep an eye on them at all times though, just in case things get too rough!

What animals do dachshunds get along with?

Dachshunds are a breed of dog that is known for being friendly and getting along with other animals. While they may have a bit of an independent streak, they usually love spending time with their family and friends.

With proper training and socialization, Dachshunds can get along with other dogs and pets such as cats or rabbits, among other animals. However, the relationship between dachshunds and other small animals like hamsters can be more complicated. These small animals can be seen as prey by dachshunds. Even if dachshunds are well trained, these little animals can be in danger if they live with a dachshund.

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Final thoughts

With patience and these simple tips, you’ll have both animals happily getting along famously in no time. And remember, if things get too hectic or one pet is not enjoying itself, it might be best to call off the integration and try again at a later date.

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