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Bringing home a new dachshund puppy, or any other puppy is hard work because there’s so much to do before the day you bring your furry friend into their first-ever home. Luckily, this handy list will help you sort out the things that your pup absolutely needs to take good care of them so they feel at home in their new surroundings!

Puppies grow up really fast which means they won’t always remember their first days with all these choices but we might.

This puppy checklist will help you sort out the things you ABSOLUTELY need to take good care of your new family member. Make sure that bringing home a new pup is not overwhelming with this helpful list for what’s necessary and some extra perks too!

New Dachshund Puppy Essentials

  1. High-Quality Food
  2. Puppy Dog Bed
  3. Dog Crate
  4. Potty Pads
  5. Collar and Leash
  6. Chew Toys
  7. Food Bowls
  8. Pet Insurance
  9. Cleaning Products

1. High-Quality Food

How do you make sure your puppy is growing into a healthy dog and has a long happy life? You have to start with the right food.

When it comes to your puppy, you should make nutrition a priority. The best food for them is natural (either homecooked or commercial from quality suppliers).

Cheap processed kibble and wet dog food can lead to health problems in the future, so avoid high grain content, generic “meat” on its list of ingredients that could be just slaughterhouse waste if not careful. Too much fat and calcium might also cause long-term troubles down the road as well!

Before making any decisions, there are some things we’ll want to keep in mind about what types of foods we offer our dogs as this could lead us down other paths such as obesity and cancer if fed improperly at a too young age.

When buying food for your puppy, always check the ingredients.

Due to the unique needs of your dog, you must read labels before purchasing food. Checking for meat as a first ingredient and an absence of wheat will help avoid problems with health issues such as diabetes or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in dogs.

Always check for these three things before buying your dog’s food:

  • Fresh ingredients like high-quality meat protein at or near the top of a list of ingredients.
  • Little artificial flavors (or any additives) on those labels such as wheat or corn.
  • Low carbohydrate content – carbs are usually higher when you see words like “wheat” listed among them.

By following these tips, you can make sure what you’re feeding your puppy food that not only tastes good but also helps to grow and maintain a healthy weight!

There are a lot of options for dog food, but it’s important to find the one that best suits your needs.

Check out these brands:

2. Dog Bed

For all of you who have an energetic little dachshund, one essential item is a comfy bed. Small breeds like dachshunds don’t need a very large bed, and the best dog beds are the ones on which dogs can jump on without risking back problems in the future.

Some dog breeds like dachshunds love to burrow, so they must have a bed that allows them to do this. That’s why puppies love cozy burrow-style beds that let them snuggle into their favorite spot!

We found these great dachshund-sized “burrow” style beds for those puppies that just want to curl up and stay warm all day long while you’re away at work or school (or even when you get home!)

3. Crate

Puppy owners need to crate train their dogs for all sorts of reasons, but one main use is so that the dog can be comfortable in a closed space. With this comes many benefits when necessary times come up! It makes it easier on you and your pup during vet visits or while at boarding facilities.

Traveling with them becomes much more doable as well! These crates will make life easy not only now, but also later down the road. Especially if potty training has been difficult because puppies are notorious Houdini’s who love yanking off any doggy diapers they’re wearing just before “going.”

Here are some great crates you can get for your puppy.

4. Potty Pads

Puppies can take a bit of time to potty train. They have such little bladders, and it’s hard for them to go outside when they’re so young. So you’ll need a good supply of potty pads until your puppy’s house training is completed.

These potty pads will keep your floor clean and dry while also preventing any unwanted smells from getting out.

5. Collar and Leash

When it is time for your puppy to go out on its first walk, there are many things you must do to keep them safe. It’s best if they get used to being leashed from a very young age so that the leash doesn’t bother them later on when they get older and bigger, and for dachshunds, it’s safer to use a harness because it minimizes pulling and prevents back problems over time

6. Chew Toys

Puppies can’t help but chew on things, so when they’re teething you will need to get them some toys that are safe and fun. When puppies are teething, they will need to chew toys that clean their gums and massage their gums. A rope toy is a great choice because it’s the perfect amount of softness and durability to help them get through this hard stage!

7. Food Bowls

Did you know that a dog’s stomach only empties about five to seven minutes after eating? If your pup eats their food too quickly, they’re likely to get bloated and uncomfortable. If you are looking for the perfect bowl to feed your puppy.

Check out these awesome bowls. The first one we have is a silicone base that prevents sliding and catching spills while they eat and keeps floors clean too! The second one offers a slow feeding option, stopping them from eating so fast and preventing bloat.

8. Pet insurance

Although we might be very prepared for the puppies, there is always the possibility that something unexpected will happen. For example, a pet might get in an accident and need to go to the vet’s office. If you have pet insurance, then you don’t have to worry about these things because your puppy will be covered.

Modern veterinary medicine is very expensive. It can be a big headache if you don’t have enough money for it. The best way to prevent this is to get a pet insurance plan, which will help you pay for the medical bills.

It is a good idea to get insurance for our pets when they are a puppy. This way, when you buy the insurance, it will be cheaper and any disease can be covered. But if you wait until the dog is an adult before getting an insurance plan, then it might not cover anything if your pet gets sick.

Click here to find out which are the best pet insurance plans for your dachshund puppy

9. Cleaning Products

Cleaning supplies are an essential part of dog ownership, and if you have a new puppy it is important to stock up on all the things that will be needed. Puppies can’t help but create messes!

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