How do I stop my dachshund puppy from biting?

How do I stop my dachshund puppy from biting?

The best way to stop your Dachshund puppy from biting is with proper training. Dachshund puppies are the most adorable creatures on the planet. They have very cute appearances and seem harmless, but they are not. Dachshunds are hunting dogs, created to hunt badgers and other animals larger than themselves. For this reason, dachshunds have a very dominant personality, they are not afraid of anything and can be quite aggressive.

These characteristics appear from an early age. It is not uncommon for dachshund puppies to behave aggressively when playing and biting their owners or other dogs. Puppies cannot measure their strength and can cause a lot of pain with their teeth. that although they are small they are also sharp.

In addition, the dachshund puppies will bite everything they find in their way out of curiosity. Dogs explore the world with their mouths, and dachshunds are no exception. In addition. when a puppy dachshunds start teething. start to chew everything you have at your fingertips. There will not be any shoes or slippers that can be saved from these ferocious sausages.

That is why you must know how to train and control your dachshund, to prevent it from biting everything and everyone it encounters. In addition, this training will serve to avoid aggressive behaviors when he reaches adulthood. An aggressive dachshund can be a big problem for its owner.

In this post, we will see how to prevent your dachshund from biting

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Why does my dachshund puppy bite so much?

Dachshund puppies are eager to explore their world with a curiosity that can get them into quite the pickle. 

Dachshund puppies bite for many reasons. The first is that they want to meet and explore their new home. Just like a baby who tries to grasp everything with his hands to assuage his curiosity.

Dachshund puppies bite everything they find for the same reason, dogs don’t have hands so they can only use their mouths. Another reason is that puppies feel the need to attract the attention of humans and other pets in the house. And the best way to do it is with playful bites.

In addition, the puppies need to play, for which they will also try to nip and bite everyone who plays with them. Being hunting dogs, dachshunds tend to be quite aggressive in their games, as their hunting instinct awakens very early in these dogs. Don’t be surprised if your dachshund turns into a beast when he plays.

Eventually, all puppies will start to grow their teeth. The teething period is very annoying for puppies, as it causes pain and discomfort in the gums. For this reason, they try to alleviate this discomfort by chewing everything that can get into their mouths.

How do I stop my dachshund puppy from biting or mouthing?

The best way to prevent your dachshund puppy from biting you while playing is with constant training. The first thing you should know is that your puppy does not mean to hurt you when he bites you. Dachshund puppies do not know that they cause us pain when they bite us. So you have to do it by teaching him that biting is not right. Remember that you should not hit or punish your puppy when he bites you. Punishment is not the solution to biting and mouthing in puppies. The solution is training.

How do you stop a puppy from biting when excited?

When you are playing with your dachshund puppy and it bites you. Keep calm. Say “ouch” loudly and withdraw your hand and suspend play. Then take your dachshund to his pen or kennel and give him some time out.
In this way, your puppy will understand that biting is not right and will learn to moderate his biting when playing with you. Remember to behave calmly and not scold or punish your dachshund puppy. This works because puppies want your attention and when they learn that biting hard causes you to take your attention away from them. They will avoid biting in future games, dogs have a natural desire for the attention and attention of their owners. In this way, your dachshund will avoid doing things that cause you to withdraw your attention.

Another good idea is to give your puppies chewing toys to play with. You can use these toys when playing with your dachshund puppy. Dachshunds love to play tug of war, as they are a hunting breed and this game helps them satisfy their predator instincts. Choose a durable and safe toy for your dog. King toys are a good choice for any dachshund. The good thing about using these toys in combination with the previous technique is that your dog will learn what he can and cannot bite. Your dachshunds will learn that it is not okay to bite people but it is okay to chew on their toys. When your dachshund gets it right and plays without biting your hands, be sure to compliment them. Thus, the training will be reinforced and your dog will learn later.

How do I stop my dachshund puppy from destroying the furniture?

For this, we must use a technique similar to the previous one. Again, remember that your dachshund puppy doesn’t know that chewing on furniture is a bad thing. He has no intention of ruining your furniture. He does it because his teeth are most likely teething, and he was looking for relief from the pain and discomfort in his gums. So don’t punish your dachshund puppy if you find him chewing on the legs of a piece of furniture or your shoes. What you need to do is correct the bad behavior with training.
To prevent your dachshund puppy from destroying everything in its path you should give it a chewing toy as soon as possible. Choose a chewing toy that your dog likes to chew on. The idea is that your puppy gets used to chewing on his toy. So when your little dachshund starts teething, he will chew their toy instead of your furniture or shoes. The Kong is a good option because they allow you to put dog treats inside. Thus, your puppy dachshund will be very interested in his toy and will not think about biting anything else. Dachshunds are a very food-driven breed, so this trick works very well with them.

Even so, it may be that your dachshund bites something that he should not. If this happens, do not punish or yell at him. When you find your dachshund puppy red-handed, chewing something he shouldn’t come over and firmly say “No” or “Leave it”. Then grab your puppy and put him in his pen or kennel along with his chewing toys. So your puppy will understand what he can and cannot chew.

Dachshunds are a stubborn and self-willed breed. So you have to be very patient while training your dachshunds not to bite people and not chew things around the house.

At what age do dachshund puppies start teething?

From 3 weeks of age, the baby teeth of your dachshund puppy will begin to erupt, at 6 weeks all the baby teeth will have come out. Then between 3 to 6 months of age, your dachshund puppy will begin to lose his baby teeth and change them with his adult teeth. This period of teething is annoying and painful for puppies. That is why in this period the puppies will begin to chew everything they find to calm the discomfort in their gums. Therefore, you must have plenty of safe chewing toys for your dachshund.

Dachshund puppy teething symptoms

  • Chewing on everything
  • Frequent drooling
  • Eating slow
  • Red and swollen gums
  • Whining frequently
  • Loss of teeth

At what age do dachshund puppies stop biting?

The dachshunds will start to chew less when they finish teething. But they will continue to bite and chew as a game until they are 24 months of age. If you have trained your dachshund puppy well, your puppy will only chew his toys and will not bite you or other people.

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Final thoughts

The best way to stop your dachshund from biting is to teach them that it’s not okay. You can start by teaching them the word “no” before they’re even a year old, and then you can work on discouraging any behavior with a gentle correction of “ouch.” We’ve also provided some other tips for training an aggressive dog so check those out too!

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