Are Dachshunds Hunting Dogs?

Are dachshunds huntings dogs?

Yes, dachshunds are hunting dogs. They were originally bred to hunt small prey, such as badgers and foxes. Additionally, miniature dachshunds are often favored for their ability for hunting smaller game, such as rodents, prairie dogs, and rabbits. Ultimately, dachshunds make great hunting dogs due to their small size and quickness.

The idea of hunting has long been extinguished from our modern city lives as civilization continued to progress and hunting became less and less necessary in the modern world. Dogs, however, do not think the way we do. For some dog breeds, the dachshund, for instance, hunting is in their genes.

So, if you are a dachshund owner and frequently see your pet chasing some backyard animals, you might be thinking, are dachshunds hunting dogs? Whether you wish to hunt or not, it is always good to know all characteristics of your pet regardless of whether you already own a dachshund or are thinking of getting one. Read on to know more about the hunting trait in dachshunds.

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Origin of the Dachshund

The first dachshund breeds can be traced back to the 17th century. Its name originated from a combination of two German words, ‘Dachs’, which means ‘badger’, and ‘Hund’, meaning ‘hound’. Needless to say, in olden times, the “badger dog” was used to hunt badgers and similar animals.

The primary characteristic that made them great hunters were their strong limbs. Yes, do not be fooled by their short height, their legs seem to have all the power they need to track down a large variety of prey.

The physical characteristics of dachshunds allowed them to dig and enter the burrows of badgers and other burrowing animals. They would often go underground to pull the prey out.

Apart from this physical characteristic, dachshunds were also bred to possess courage and tenacity. Swiftly moving smaller animals such as rabbits and ferrets could not escape the dachshund’s vigor.

Dachshunds were once bred and used exclusively for hunting purposes. However, over time, they have become popular family pets. They are especially well-suited for families with children, as they are patient and good-natured. Additionally, their small size means that they can live comfortably in apartments and other small spaces.

While dachshunds make great pets, it is important to remember that they were bred and used for hunting. This means that they have a strong prey drive and may chase after smaller animals such as cats and squirrels. Therefore, it is important to socialize them from a young age and provide them with plenty of exercises to burn off excess energy.

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What Are Dachshunds Used For Today?

While dachshunds are no longer used exclusively for hunting, they are still employed in a variety of roles. As mentioned before, their strong sense of smell and tenacious nature makes them ideal candidates for various scent-work tasks. These include search and rescue, drug detection, and explosive detection. Additionally, dachshunds continue to be popular hunting dogs, especially for small prey such as rabbits and rodents.

Dachshunds are also commonly used as therapy dogs. Their small size means that they can easily visit patients in hospitals and nursing homes. Additionally, their gentle nature makes them ideal companions for those who are lonely or feeling down.

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Are Dachshunds Still Used as Hunting Dogs?

Although most dachshund owners in North America prefer to keep dachshunds as domestic pets, they are still used as hunting dogs in several parts of Europe. Originally, dachshunds were used to hunt down badgers, because, well, badgers were kind of pesky in certain parts of Europe and were difficult to get rid of.

Fast forward to the 21st century, dachshunds are mostly used to track wounded deer. It helps that along with the robust legs, the dachshund also possesses the nose of a hound. In the United States of America, using dogs for hunting used to be illegal (and still is in some states). Hence, they are not commonly used for hunting in America.

Dachshunds have also been known to be used in law enforcement. In Germany, for instance, it is not uncommon for these dogs to be used in police work and drug detection.

All in all, dachshunds still make great hunting dogs even in the 21st century. They also have a strong sense of smell, which means they make great search and rescue dogs.

Do dachshunds make good hunting dogs?

Absolutely! Dachshunds were originally bred to be hunting dogs, and they have all the characteristics that make them good at it. They have a strong sense of smell, they’re tenacious and brave, and their short legs make them good at burrowing after prey. Although they’re not as commonly used for hunting in North America as they are in Europe, they can still make great hunting dogs.

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How Good Are Dachshunds with Hunting?

There are several other breeds of dogs that can be used for hunting, but dachshunds are claimed to be one of the best, especially when it comes to hunting smaller prey. Doxies have particularly proven their worth in blood tracking, earthwork, and hawking.

Some specific characteristics of these dogs make them exceptionally good hunters. First of all, there is the shape of the dog. Its center of gravity is so low that they never lose balance, even when running on dangerous terrains.

Apart from these, another trait of wiener dogs is that they love to dig. So, smaller, hiding animals cannot get away from them. Most importantly, they let their powerful legs and strong jaws do the talking when cornered by some tough foe. In confined spaces, too, they get away with hunting quick animals much too easily.

No matter what, dachshunds will always remain one of the best hunting dog breeds in the world.

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Can You Train A Dachshund to Hunt?

Yes, dachshunds can be trained to hunt. But it is something that must be done with someone with experience and the necessary accreditations. Training a hunting dog is not something you can do yourself.

Hunting is within the genes of a dachshund or “badger dog” because that is how they have been bred for centuries. However, that does not mean that they do not require training. If your doxie is specially bred as a domestic pup, it might need a reawakening of its ancestral qualities through some field training.

What do Dachshunds hunt?

Dachshunds were created to hunt badgers. But the dachshund breed has turned out to be very versatile as a hunter. Since the breed was created in 17th century Germany, they have been used to hunt different types of prey such as badgers, groundhogs, prairie dogs, and rabbits, among others. Additionally, these dogs have been used for foxes and squirrels. Dachshunds have also been used to track and chase larger animals such as wild boars and deer.

Dachshunds are also one of the most popular breeds for truffle hunting. These dogs have an exceptional sense of smell, which makes them ideal for this job.

So, as you can see, dachshunds are not just good at hunting badgers. They have proved to be versatile hunters over the years and can be used for a variety of purposes.

What Are Dachshunds Preferred Preys?

Most dachshunds are natural diggers and are suited to hunt animals that live underground or flee by making burrows. However, that does not mean that a dachshund will not hunt larger prey. To understand what kind of game your dog will prefer, it is first important to know that there are two types of dachshunds, namely, standard and miniature, and they like to hunt different groups of animals.

The standard dachshund is the original type of this breed and was bred to hunt larger prey such as foxes, and badgers. These dogs have muscular legs that give them the power and stamina to run for long periods. Additionally, their long bodies enable them to follow their prey into narrow burrows.

The miniature dachshund, on the other hand, was bred to hunt smaller prey such as rabbits and rodents. Miniature dachshunds have short legs in proportion to their bodies, which makes them quick and nimble. Additionally, their small size allows them to follow their prey into tighter spots.

What do standard dachshunds hunt?

The favorite prey of standard dachshunds were badgers and foxes. Nowadays, standard dachshunds are preferred for deer hunting, especially blood-tracking or tracking wounded prey. They also can chase smaller animals such as rabbits, woodchucks, and similar animals.

What do miniature dachshunds hunt?

Miniature dachshunds were bred much later. Breeding of the miniature dachshund was aimed to focus solely on smaller animals such as hares, moles, and prairie dogs, while the larger or the standard dachshunds could be specifically trained to hunt bigger prey.

Miniature dachshunds soon picked up steam and are commonly favored over standard dachshunds in many American households. Their size makes them suitable for smaller living spaces and their ability to hunt down tiny animals makes them efficient ridders of pests.

Do dachshunds catch rats?

Although the dachshund breed was not created to hunt rodents in the beginning, they have turned out to be a very good dog breed for catching rats and mice.

These days most people who have dachshunds do not live in the fields or hunt. Most dachshunds now live in cities where they do not need to hunt. The only thing that most dachshunds use their hunting skills for, is to steal food from the dinner table.

However, people who live in large cities and farms have to deal with vermin like rats and mice. This gave rise to a group of dogs created to hunt these rodents. These dogs are known as “ratter dogs”. Within this group, we find breeds such as the Jack Russell Terrier and the Rat Terrier.

Although dachshunds are technically not part of this group of dogs. They have been very effective in tracking and hunting these vermin. This is due to their small size and short legs that help them to surprise, chase, and trap rodents.

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Tracking with Dachshunds

Dachshunds are amazing trackers. They have an exceptional sense of smell and can follow a scent for miles. This makes them the perfect hunting dog breed for tracking wounded prey.

Dachshunds have been used by hunters for centuries to track wounded deer, foxes, and other animals. These dogs can follow a blood trail for miles until they find the animal.

Nowadays, dachshunds are still used for tracking wounded animals. However, they are also used for tracking missing persons, drugs, and other illegal substances.

Dachshunds have also been known to be great at finding truffles. Truffles are a type of mushroom that grows underground. They are very hard to find because they grow in such hidden places. However, dachshunds can sniff them out with their powerful noses. This has made them invaluable to truffle hunters.

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Final thoughts

Hunting is no longer a necessity in our civilized world, unless, of course, you are an adventurer, who frequently runs out of provisions in the wild. But for most modern-day hunters, hunting is a sport.

Thankfully, if you are a dachshund owner, you already have a hunting buddy with an instinct for finding you the right kind of game. With a little bit of training, your sausage dog could save you hours when trying to find your hunted game.

On the other hand, if all you wanted for your dachshund was to be a household pet and companion, you can still unleash its natural hunting abilities to give a helping hand in making your garden rodent-free.

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Are Dachshunds Hunting Dogs?